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Urethane casting on fast forward! InterPRO manufactures plastic parts with material properties similar to engineered production plastics. This bridge-tooling method is often used to span the low volume step between prototypes and production. RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanized) Tooling and Urethane Casting are when parts are cast from liquid plastic into low-cost room temperature vulcanized rubber molds.

To produce molds using the Urethane Casting process a master pattern is made with Rapid Prototyping or CNC. The master pattern can be finished with texturing which will be reflected in the cast parts. Liquid silicone rubber is poured around the master pattern. The mold, once cured, is cut open to remove the master pattern. The mold is then used to cast the urethane parts.

InterPRO casts all parts under computer control in a vacuum. The result is void-free castings with consistent properties. Gates, sprues and parting lines are placed specifically to optimize the final parts. Colors are cast in to match specifications. Paint, texturing and/or graphics can be added to mimic the properties of injection molded parts.

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Cast Urethane Case Study: The Titan Medical Patient Cart

Read the Case Study Here

Benefits & Applications

  • Low Volume Production
  • Product Development
  • Sales and Marketing Samples
  • Industrial Design Models
  • Engineering Proof of Design
  • Engineering Check Models Design (Design Verification)
  • Product Photo Models


MaterialOverviewTensile StrengthFlexural ModulusElongationIzod ImpactHDTNotes
RPU 48A Shore 60 D material that mimics the flexibility of polyethylene3,400 psi (23 mpa)48,500 psi (468 mpa)40%2.4178 FRoHS compliant
RPU 70A very high impact, Shore 70 D material4,900 psi (33 mpa)70,000 psi (482 mpa)320%>16.5N/ARoHS compliant
RPU 110-FRHigh impact, PP-like material that is FR rated.5,500 psi (27 mpa)110,000 psi (1034 mpa)55%2.5221 FRoHS compliant, UL 94V0 registered, FAR 25.853 for flammability
RPU 140A fast curing, workhorse material that mimics the flexibility of Polypro.4,180 psi (28 mpa)148,000 psi (1020 mpa)40%0.42177 FRoHS compliant
RPU 230High impact, PP-like material7,170 psi (54 mpa)236,132 psi (1535 mpa)56%2.64232 FRoHS compliant, Black only
RPU-300Work horse ABS-like material that is easily tintable.7,600 psi (79 mpa))300,000 psi (2068 mpa)12%0.75195 FRoHS compliant
RPU 325-HTA strong, ABS-like material with elevated impact and high HDT10500 psi (72 mpa)325,000 psi (2241 mpa)10%1.2346 FRoHS compliant
RPU 330ABS-like material with elevated impact resistance and excellent elongation8,303 psi (57 mpa)334,159 psi (2303 mpa)27%1.3170%RoHS compliant
RPU 340A clear, UV-stable material with elevated impact resistance10,500 psi (72 mpa)345,000 psi (2378 mpa)8%1.1203 FRoHS compliant, UV stable
RPU 380The most rigid and high impact polyurethane available10,010 psi (69 mpa)386,612 psi (2665 mpa)21.60%2.1190 FRoHS and REACH Compliant
RPU 420A stiff, PC-like material that is easily tintable10,500 psi (72 mpa)420,000 psi (2895 mpa)8%0.7171 FRoHS compliant
RPU 420-FRA stiff and rugged, FR rated material with elevated impact resistance10,650 psi (73 mpa)424,275 psi (2925 mpa)24.50%1.6190 F RoHS and REACH Compliant, UL 94V-0 in 0.12" (3.0 mm), FAR 25.853 for flammability
SRPU 6501-AFA very stiff, aluminum filled material used in tooling applications3,130 psi (21 mpa)650,000 psi (4481 mpa)3.50%n/a210 FRoHS compliant, Aluminum-Filled
SRPU 6502A very stiff, high temp material for demanding applications10,900 psi (75 mpa)650,000 psi (4481 mpa)2%0.3345 FRoHS compliant, Tan Color