Why choose Multi Jet Fusion?

HP’s unique Multi-Agent printing process enables extreme dimensional accuracy and fine detail never before available using competing technologies. The ultra-thin layers of PA 12 material lead to excellent mechanical properties for a wide variety of uses.  Parts produced with Multi Jet Fusion  have a higher isotropy and density while keeping porosity low., leading to exceptionally smooth surfaces straight out of the printer, with minimal post-production finishing. This means shorter lead times and increased operational efficiency for your business.

Superior, consistent part quality

Breakthrough productivity

Lowest cost-per-part


High quality end-use production parts
Complex assemblies, lattice structures, housings, enclosures and connectors
Fixtures and tooling
Functional Prototypes


High precision, high density parts
Robust mechanical properties
Short lead times, with no post-production finishing
Cost savings over traditional processes


HP 3D printing materials provide optimal output quality and high reusability at a low cost per part. Engineered for HP Multi Jet Fusion technology, these materials test the limits of functional part creation, optimizing cost and part quality, while also delivering high reusability at the lowest cost per part.

PA 12

Best balance between mechanical properties and reusability
Ideal for complex assemblies, housings, enclosures, and watertight applications.
80% surplus powder reusability
Biocompatibility certifications

PA 12 Glass Beads

40% glass bead filled thermoplastic
Ideal for applications requiring high stiffness like enclosures and housings, fixtures and tooling
70% surplus powder reusability

PA 11

Lowest cost per part
Designed for the production of strong, ductile, functional parts including prostheses, insoles, sports goods, snap fits, living hinges, and more
excellent chemical resistance and enhanced elongation-at-break

Coming soon – Low Cost Full Color 3D Printing

HP has announced a new low-cost, full-color 3D printer which is set to revolutionize the industry. This breakthrough technology  enables the production of functional parts in full color — with voxel control — in a fraction of the time. Sign up for news and updates here.

The 3D printing process

Multi Jet Fusion builds complex and highly detailed thermoplastic parts up to 10 times faster than SLS. While still a powder based technology, it does not use lasers. The MJF process deposits fusing and detailing agents over a powdered Nylon 12 build area.  High intensity infrared lamps fuse an entire layer in a single pass.  Build layers are typically 0.004″ and are printed in under 9 seconds.

Why choose InterPRO

As Authorized Resellers of HP 3D printers we have access to the latest breakthrough technology and training resources. For over 30 years, we have been helping companies integrate 3D printing into their operations.

At InterPRO we understand the importance of working hand-in-hand with our customers to ensure their continued success. We will install your Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing system, we will educate your team on the process of creating flawless parts and we will ensure your 3D printer is always operating at peak performance levels so you can streamline your operations and increase ROI.