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HP Metal Jet Printing Process

HP Metal Jet technology breaks through the economic, design, and time constraints of traditional methods for metal part production while delivering quality, productivity, and cost beyond the capabilities of existing 3D printing technologies for metals.

High volumes & large parts.

No tooling

Complex, functional parts on-demand.

Consolidate parts, simplify assembly.

Multiple design iterations in just days.

No debinding


Drive new business growth by producing high-quality metal parts

Get strong, functional final metal parts with HP’s isotropic mechanical properties and proprietary binding agent. Compared to selective laser melting (SLM), HP Metal Jet produces more isotropic grain structure in the sintered part that results in more uniform material properties.

Using HP Thermal Inkjet to precisely deliver a Binding Agent to a powder metal bed and industry-standard metal injection molding (MIM) metal powders for low cost, HP Metal Jet is a binder jet technology that delivers:

Low cost

Get final metal parts faster with a low price industrial production-grade 3D printer.
High reusability of materials can reduce materials cost and waste.
Eliminate up-front tooling costs.

High-quality metal parts

Easily produce geometrically complex parts without trade-offs, with HP voxel-level 1200 x 1200 dpi 3D printing accuracy.
Finished parts with isotropic properties that meet or exceed ASTM and MPIF Standards.
Industrial production-grade quality and consistent output at speed.

Up to 50X more productive

Produce high volumes of parts—and large parts—with a binder jetting build size of 430 x 320 x 200 mm (16.9 x 12.6 x 7.9 in).
Accelerate product development cycles with multiple design iterations in just days.
Produce parts faster, in fewer steps with no debinding required and eliminate tooling.

Take on new jobs and unlock new revenue streams

Propel your business with the most advanced metals 3D printing technology for mass production.

Be among the first to benefit from cutting-edge HP Metal Jet technology.

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