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PolyJet printing offers very high precision models and prototypes, with outstanding surface features and fine detail. Like your inkjet printer that fires ink, the Objet’s print head literally rains down liquid plastic onto the build tray. High power UV lamps on the sides of the print head instantly cure the dispensed plastic.

Objet 3D-printing technology is uniquely capable of creating over 90 ‘digital materials’ and offers the widest range of material options in the industry. Flexible parts can be printed using PolyJet technology in durometer Shore A 25 up to Shore A 90. It is possible to print both rigid and flexible features in one part, as in the form of an over-molded part.

Software calibrates the placement of the photopolymers and support material. Material is then emitted via droplets and UV cured in layers. Supports are emitted where needed in a gel-like material. Once finished, supports can be removed by water or hand and parts need no further processing.

Benefits & Applications

  • Can print base material and overmolds simultaneously
  • Functional prototypes with complex features
  • Wide range of material properties
  • Multi-color prints
  • Accuracy on par with rapid prototypes
  • Zero drafts / small undercuts not a problem
  • Jigs and fixture printing
  • Presentation models
  • Product development
  • Flexible, rubber-like models
  • Medical device prototypes
  • Parts

Recommended Minimum Feature Size

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