3D Printed Metal

Metal 3D printing is making fast metal parts a reality. This exciting technology is revolutionizing the prototyping and manufacturing industry. Highly complex fully functional parts can be built that would be impossible to create with machining or casting. Engineers and designers now have the freedom to very quickly create parts that are extremely light weight and optimized for performance  .

Benefits of 3D Printed Metal

Low cost – expensive tooling can be eliminated

 complex parts can be 3D printed that would be impossible to produce by traditional means

Weight savings – 3D printed parts can be optimized to reduce mass

Improved performance – 3D printed parts can optimize fluid flow

Decreased part count – multiple part assemblies can be combined into one part

Increased strength – 3D printed parts are much stronger than parts that are welded or brazed together

Speed – parts in under one week

3d Printed Metal Materials

316L Stainless Steel

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Inconel 718

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Titanium 6-4

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AlSi10Mg (Aluminum)

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17-4 Stainless Steel

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Metal 3D printed part with post machining

3D Printed Metal Process

Metal 3D printing uses a high power laser beam or electron beam to fabricate fully dense metal parts, one layer at a time. During the build process, the beam draws on a surface of atomized metal powder, welding it into a solid as it travels. After each layer is drawn, the build platform lowers and a layer of powder is added. The process repeats until the part is complete. Supports are built with the metal part, holding the part securely as it builds. These supports are ground off after the build and the part is heat-treated to remove residual stresses. Parts may then be finish machined, polished, anodized or plated.

3D Printed Metal


  • Aerospace
  • Medical Parts
  • Industrial Machinery

Lead Time Options

4-7 business days

Recommended Minimum Feature Size

0.020″ – 0.030″