Cast Urethane

InterPRO offers urethane castings – plastic parts with material properties similar to engineered production plastics. This bridge-tooling method is often used to span the low volume step between prototypes and production. RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanized) Tooling and Urethane Casting are when parts are cast from liquid plastic into low-cost room temperature vulcanized rubber molds.

Benefits of Urethane Casting

Fast delivery and low cost compared to injection molding

Functional prototypes with complex features

Wide range of material properties

Cast-in colors blended to spec

Accuracy on par with rapid prototypes

Zero draft / small undercuts not a problem

Shore A, Shore D, bio-compatible, flame-resistant, UL rated and clear materials

Inserts can be cast into the part for maximum strength

Cast Urethane Materials


Water Clear

Elastomer (Shore A 25)

Elastomer (Shore A 32)

Elastomer (Shore A 42)

Elastomer (Shore A 50)

Elastomer (Shore A 60)

Elastomer (Shore A 70)

Elastomer (Shore A 80)

Elastomer (Shore A 90)


High-Impact, Rigid

High-Impact, Flexible



Fire Retardant (UL 94 V0 Flammability Rating)


Cast Urethane Process

To produce molds using the Urethane Casting process a master pattern is made with Rapid Prototyping or CNC. The master pattern can be finished with texturing which will be reflected in the cast parts. Liquid silicone rubber is poured around the master pattern. The mold, once cured, is cut open to remove the master pattern. The mold is then used to cast the urethane parts.
InterPRO casts all parts under computer control in a vacuum. The result is void-free castings with consistent properties. Gates, sprues and parting lines are placed specifically to optimize the final parts. Colors are cast in to match specifications. Paint, texturing and/or graphics can be added to mimic the properties of injection molded parts.

Urethane Casting


  • Low Volume Production
  • Product Development
  • Sales and Marketing Samples
  • Industrial Design Models
  • Engineering Proof of Design
  • Engineering Check Models Design (Design Verification)
  • Product Photo Models